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K-12 library and multiple level assessments

Engage students with dynamic AI based platform & K-12 digital content. StepUp digital learning solution is an innovative program for effective learning of STEM based subjects Science & Math...

Make engineering students smarter

MyProfessor is an AI based engaging & interactive mobile learning platform. The platform with bite sized video content & digital resources effectively builds conceptual & practical knowledge...








Engage – AI based mobile platform with adaptive learning paths

In a sea of overcrowded learning platforms and LMS’s, finding the right, high-quality, feature balanced learning solution continues to be a daunting and time-consuming task. Our feature-balanced mobile platform powered by AI tools is the right solution.

• Is available on web & mobile (iOS and Android)
• Its simple comprehensive design allows easy navigation & saves time
• Builds a platform for standardization & sharing of digital resources
• Content creation & publishing tools for educators
• AI driven data analysis cum performance dashboards

Explore – Videos with high quality resources

SmartGen videos are more than just educational videos. They are curated by subject matter experts into bite-sized interactive video content collections standardized by curriculum.

• High quality immersive learning videos
• The 3D video is bundled with interactive questions and facts
• Every video comes with multiple level assessments
• Aligned videos and supporting resources saves time for users

Play – Simulations & Interactive

A new way of exploratory class instruction & teaching by the modern teachers. Compelling 3D models, interactive simulations, and real world immersive content helps the teacher take full advantage of the learning resource.

• A guided discovery process, building deep understanding of the topic
• Powerful teaching & learning aid for exploratory learning
• An immersive, interactive, 3D experience
• Building virtual labs in a simulated exploratory environment

Practice – Multiple level assessments

AI platform includes all of the necessary pre- and post- tests as well as multiple level assessments for practice and final quiz test scores compilations. Enables a student & teacher to track performance & time spent on platform.

• Topic Pre-/Post-test
• Multiple level practice assessments
• Chapter level tests
• Overview of assessment scores and AI based recommendations
• Scenario practices for testing knowledge & confidence

AI Based Platform - Tools for analysis of individual learning paths

The SmartGen platform includes AI based tools and performance trackers that helps students to have an edge in an evolving, competitive and international workforce.

• Pre & Post test analysis for % increase in topic understanding
• Knowledge maps for overall view on topic wise performance
• Multiple level question banks & final chapter wise tests
• Comprehensive analysis & overview on subject level performance
• Gamification points & Leader board snap shots for overall performance

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